Trinket Bottle Wealth Round GoldTrinket Bottle Wealth Round Gold
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Trinket Bottle Wealth Round Gold

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Dream Doll RabbitDream Doll Rabbit
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Dream Doll Rabbit

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Dream Doll PigDream Doll Pig
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Dream Doll Pig

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Dream Doll Fox

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Dream Doll CatDream Doll Cat
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Dream Doll Cat

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Teachers work tirelessly all year - educating, nurturing and
supporting their students. Sometimes, they spend more time with our kids than we do – and it can be a thankless task!
If you’re looking for a special gift to show your favourite teacher just
how much they mean to you – we’ve got the best end of year
teacher gifts ready to go.
Knowing how teachers love a good metaphor we’ve rounded up the
best thank you gifts for teachers.
Light - Pair a gorgeous lamp or candle with a beautiful card and
message of how they ignited a love of learning or enlightened the
path of knowledge for an A+ gift idea.
Owls - A pair of feather inspired earrings are an ideal gift for the
teacher who loves writing, or even a pair of our wise old owl
earrings for a more traditional teaching symbol that would make any
teachers day.
Growth - Our best-selling Life in a Bottle gifts are a self-contained
garden that sprouts to life when watered, just like fresh young minds
with the perfect teacher.
You don’t have to wait until the end of the year to find a thank you
teacher gift – show them how much they mean to you anytime with
our delightful range of handmade cards that will be treasured