Make Valentine's Day Special For Her

Make Valentine's Day Special For Her

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there’s no better time to spoil that special someone in your life - whether it’s a friend, a partner, or yourself. Although the origins of the holiday are uncertain, many believe that it developed from the Roman festival of Lupercalia; a celebration of the coming of spring that included fertility rites and the formation of couples via a lottery. These days, however, the festivities have become much more casual. Now a day to celebrate romantic love, friendship and admiration, Valentine’s Day has become an occasion to exchange meaningful gifts and simply enjoy your romantic and emotional connections. 

Short Story's Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


With that in mind, if you’d like to make Valentine’s Day extra special this year with a unique gift for your girlfriend or other special someone - whether it’s a cute or romantic gift to tug at the heartstrings, a Disney gift to inspire your very own “happily ever after”, or an out-of-this-world Star Wars gift to really impress them - read on for all our top gift ideas this Valentine’s Day!


When it comes to a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with a classic bouquet of roses. But why not take it a step further with a beautiful bouquet that doubles as a fragrance diffuser? Our Disney x Short Story Floral Bouquet Diffusers combine gorgeous handmade roses with the most indulgent scents, so you can give your special someone a romantic gift they can really enjoy long into the future. Or for something a little more luxurious, take their breath away with an enchanting Disney Deluxe Edition Floral Bouquet Diffuser, where fine fragrances meet everlasting flowers to create a truly breathtaking statement piece.

Disney x Short Story Floral Bouquet Diffusers

But when you think of romance, what could possibly be more synonymous than “happily ever after”? Everyone knows the tale as old as time or the love that was once upon a dream, and what better way to inspire your very own happily ever after than a tribute to these classic fairy tales? With beautiful gold-foiled elements and handmade origami butterflies amongst some of Disney's most enchanting scenes, our Disney x Short Story Artworks are the perfect romantic gift for your special someone this Valentine’s Day.

Disney x Short Story Artworks


Or maybe you’re after something a little more sentimental? In that case, our wide range of necklaces are the perfect gift for your special someone. Each necklace is enclosed in a gorgeous package that also doubles as a card, so you can create something that they’ll really treasure. Simply open it up and write your own heartfelt message inside, and it’s all ready to give to your loved one. Even better, you can choose from our interchangeable Disney charm necklaces, iconic Star Wars pieces or elegant Short Story designs for a truly personalised present. 

Interchangeable Disney charm necklaces, iconic Star Wars necklaces and elegant Short Story necklaces

Looking for something a little more interactive? If that special someone always brightens your day, why not return the favour with some inspirational quotes in our adorable pill form? Each little capsule holds a cute miniature scroll in a gold ring, so all you have to do is choose from our Happy Pill, Chill Pill or Super Pill varieties to give them the perfect start to each day! 

Inspirational quotes in adorable pill form

To keep the good vibes flowing all day long, pair your inspirational quotes with a little something from our luxurious Signature fragrance collection. Infused with the most luscious aromas, these candles and diffusers are perfect for inspiring total relaxation and bringing spa-like tranquility into your loved one’s very own home. For an extra special touch, each fragrance is inspired by a beautiful story. So, is she as charming, sweet and cheeky as our Mia scent, or as kindhearted and compassionate as our Bella one? If you’re not sure which scent to choose, simply click here to browse our collection and discover the inspiration behind each aroma. Who do they remind you of?

Signature fragrance collection


If you’re after something a little more on the cute side, then we’ve got the perfect selection for you! First up, you can’t go past our adorable Squishy Friends if the word “cute” is on your mind. Individually packaged in little mystery boxes and with ten to collect, these squishies are the perfect little companion for work or play (plus they double as a mini stress ball)! 

Short Story Squishy Friends

Next up are our beautiful mini bouquets made up of everlasting flowers. Packaged in a pretty little gift box, these preserved blooms are perfectly on-theme with Valentine’s Day and will enchant any space with its beautiful symbol of a love that’ll last for years to come. Choose your loved one’s favourite colour or mix and match a few to create the perfect assortment this Valentine’s Day. 

Mini Floral Bouquets

Now, how about the finishing touches? Complete your adorable care package by pairing it with a heartfelt message in one of our Short Story greeting cards. Adorned with gorgeous artworks and handmade origami elements, these unique pieces are handmade in Melbourne and look stunning framed up as an individual piece of art. Each card is blank inside for you to add your own special thoughts, creating something that they’ll want to keep forever and a message that won’t ever be lost. Want to add an extra touch of novelty? Opt for a Message In A Bottle instead, and write your message on the miniature scroll inside. Will you choose 20 Thoughts In A Bottle to remind them of all the things that make them special, or an Ocean Breeze themed bottle to commemorate all of your shared adventures?

Message In A Bottle


Does your special someone happen to be a Disney fan? Spoil them this Valentine’s Day with our romantic Disney x Short Story fragrance collection. Made with real flower petals, these deliciously aromatic candles and diffusers have been carefully crafted scent by scent and layer by layer to embody the personality of each beloved Disney character. Click here to browse our collection of Disney candles or click here for diffusers, and then all they’ll have to do is unbox these whimsical scents to fill all the little corners of their home with the magic of their favourite Disney fairytales. 

Disney x Short Story Floral Candles & Diffusers

But if you’d like to indulge their Disney heart wherever they go, then you can’t go wrong with the magic of a Disney x Short Story t-shirt. Choose from beautiful embroidered styles or iconic personalisable print tees, or better yet, get a matching pair for you and them to bring the magic to life and inspire your very own “happily ever after”. Then complete the looking with a matching set of nail stickers and you’re well on your way to becoming a real-life Prince Charming.

Disney x Short Story T-Shirts


Now…what if they prefer things a little more galactic? For something different this Valentine’s Day, opt for a gift from our iconic Star Wars x Short Story collection. Tempt their Dark Side with the deep violet notes and dark cedar wood, patchouli and vanilla of our Darth Vader Candle, or bring balance to their destiny with a cool Ahsoka Candle. Or if they’re always on the go, why not treat them on their next mission with the clean, crisp fragrance of a Storm Trooper™ car air freshener?

Star Wars x Short Story Candles


So, whether you’re after a thoughtful gift to warm their heart, a Disney gift to inspire your very own “happily ever after”, or a Star Wars gift for something a little different, we’ve got you covered at Short Story with our wide range of meaningful gifts and cute collectibles this Valentine’s Day.

A wide range of meaningful gifts and cute collectibles

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