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It’s time to celebrate!

Take a trip down memory lane and relive 100 years of your favourite fairy tale moments with the magic of Disney x Short Story’s heartwarming Disney 100 collection.

Featuring everyone’s favourite Disney and Pixar characters, our limited edition collection of home fragrances, decor and gifts will capture the nostalgia of the iconic films that we grew up with. Discover magic, awaken nostalgia and be inspired by your favourite tales from Disney x Short Story’s 100 Years of Disney collection.

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I was curious whether I would like the smell of Alice's fragrance and the car air freshener was a fun way to try out the smell. I loved it! And I found I like using it as a room or a bag freshener too if you don't always have access to a car. Am also doing this with the Ashoka, Tinker Bell and Jasmine air fresheners too and they are just as excellent!

Alexandra B.

I purchased this candle for a huge Disney fan and they were "over the moon" with the candle. They said it was literally the best gift they'd ever received!

Limra F.

I have absolutely loved every single item purchased from short story, and there have been lots of them. The quality and value are amazing and the "story" behind each gift is a gift itself.

Gayle H.

These Ariel products are wonderful! They're little individual works of art. Not only are these products beautifully crafted and presented, the coconut sea breeze is the most amazing fragrance. Ariel has always been my favourite Disney character, now Short Story has made her my most favourite scent. I am obsessed!
Keep up the great work guys!



We've got some very exciting things in the works, so be sure to stay tuned! Our team are hard at work creating even greater gifts and goodies, and we can't wait to show you what we have in store.

But in the meantime, thanks so much to our fellow Storytellers for following along on our journey. Short Story began with the dream to inspire meaningful and happy living, and we're so grateful for all of your support in helping us make that a reality.

Remember, a bright smile is your signature and laughter is your message to the world.

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