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Disney Sleeping Beauty Collection Set

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Sleeping Beauty, what a classic! Unlike many other Disney princesses, Aurora is not really in control of her own story. Cursed at birth by that evilest of all evil fairies Maleficent, she is brought up by three good fairies who hide her from the kingdom and keep from her the fact that she is a Princess. Raised in a humble cottage in the forest, surrounded by the cute little critter friends that live there, she meets her Prince and falls in love, not knowing that he is in fact her betrothed. On her 16th birthday, all is revealed to her and Aurora returns to the castle for her big birthday bash, but she is tricked into spinning on that pesky wheel where she pricks her finger and falls into a deep sleep. Prince Phillip has to face some pretty tricky stuff to rescue her; lightning bolts, a forest of thorns and of course Maleficent in dragon form, but rescue her he does and brings the whole kingdom back to life with that iconic kiss. 

Sometimes, like Aurora we are not always in control of our own stories but if, like her, we can remain cheerful and good natured, kind to all creatures and people great and small, perhaps we can rewrite our stories and awaken our dreams.


- Disney Candle Sleeping Beauty
- Disney Diffuser Sleeping Beauty  
- Disney Votive Candle Holder Sleeping Beauty 
- Disney Bubble Earring Cinderella
FREE Disney Trinket Sleeping Beauty

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