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Jasmine is a young woman we can all relate to. She just wants to be free, to be her own person and to be able to make her own life choices. As King her father would like to see her married to a wealthy prince with good connections but he also loves and knows his daughter well, and knows that he cannot force her into an arranged marriage. Goodness knows he has tried to present her with enough suitors for a lifetime but with a feisty tiger as back up you really don’t want to mess with Jasmine when she makes her mind up. With courage and determination she ventures out alone into the streets of Agrabah and there meets Aladdin, someone with a fun loving free spirit that matches her own and together their story goes on a magic carpet ride, sometimes rocky but always exciting.

Jasmine’s story is one of freedom. Freedom to live her life the way she wants, to go on “a thrilling chase” to “a wondrous place” to view new horizons with “no one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we’re only dreaming”. This requires courage and determination but also requires us, like Jasmine, to hold onto our sense of kindness and fun along the way as our stories unfold and we journey into “A Whole New World”.


- Disney Candle Jasmine
- Disney Diffuser Jasmine 
- Disney Votive Candle Holder Jasmine 
- Disney Bubble Earring Jasmine
FREE Disney Trinket Jasmine


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