Mon, 6 April 2020

Short Story

Disney Belle Set

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Her name means ‘beauty’ and Belle certainly is beautiful, but there is so much more to her than that. We all know her everyday life is, shall we say a bit hum drum, so like many of us she dares to dream through her books, but when faced with the capture of her father by the Beast she rushes to his aid just like the heroes in her stories. Selflessly she takes his place and with a little help from dancing dinner plates and singing candelabra she is able to make life with the Beast a little more bearable. Soon she is breaking through his tough furry exterior and finding that his bark really is worse than his bite. Ultimately, through Belle’s loyalty, understanding and love the Beast is transformed into the man everyone knows he can be and life in the castle is returned to normal.

We could all try to take a leaf out of Belle’s book, be brave when faced with difficult choices, consider how our actions can help others and try not to judge a book by its cover – you never know what or who lies within its pages…


- Disney Candle Beauty & The Beast 
- Disney Diffuser Beauty & The Beast 
- Disney Votive Candle Holder Beauty & The Beast

* Limited run only due to popular demand 

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