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Disney Little Mermaid Collection Set

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Ariel, youngest daughter of King Triton lives “under de sea, under de sea” but this is not where she wants to be. She finds herself always being drawn to the human world. Ariel has a wonderful collection of whosits, whatsits, thingamabobs and most importantly dinglehoppers, all of which make her yearn to be somewhere she can’t be – dry land. On one of her forbidden visits to the surface, she happens upon a human prince and his adorable dog Max, and inevitably she falls in love. Unfortunately, the only way for her to be with the love of her life is to do a deal with the ugly sea witch Ursula who gives Ariel human legs, but in exchange takes away her voice. With only three days to get Prince Eric to fall in love with her, Ariel courageously risks everything to make her dreams come true.

Do you find yourself thinking “wish I could be part of that world”? So, what’s stopping you? Be like Ariel, indulge your curiosity and seek out new things, be adventurous and independent, let your free-spirit soar, and remember sometimes we need to take risks to create our own story and find our own voice.


- Disney Candle Little Mermaid
- Disney Diffuser Little Mermaid
- Disney Votive Candle Holder Little Mermaid
- Disney Bubble Earring Ariel
FREE Disney Trinket Little Mermaid


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