Short Story

Candle Lavender Field

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Be tranquil among fields of purple lavenders atop a mountain riding clouds.
Rekindle your spirit on a sensory journey of calming lavender notes, gentle patchouli and a hint of fresh rosemary leaves.
A state of complete relaxation.

Derived from the Latin word lavare, Lavenders have been valued for centuries for their beauty, soothing fragrance and healing properties.
Symbolising devotion, grace and serenity their rich violet colour is associated with the crown chakra representing a higher purpose and spiritual connectivity.
Often used in aromatherapy, infusions are believed to soothe and calm the mind aiding in sleep and deep relaxation.

- Made in Australia using natural ingredients
- 40 hours burning time
- Matte jar with gold brush lid

DIMENSIONS: 8.5x8.5x10cm (LxWxH) .62kg

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