Mon, 15 June 2020

Disney Heart Strong Pocahontas Collection Set




Spiritual, independent and a teacher, Pocahontas follows her intuition as one with nature and
walks the footsteps of a stranger. Leaning on the wisdom of the Willow Tree she listens to her heart, guiding those around her.

Find your own adventure, live your own dreams
Paint with the colours of the wind and find beauty in nature that gleams
Pocahontas once said “Listen with your heart, you will understand”
Ignite that light within you and in the right place, you will land

Short Story and Disney ™ have collaborated to bring life to your favourite Heart Strong Disney characters in a collection of gifts that spark adventure, dream making and strength. Inspired by the most brave and regal, each encourage us to celebrate our individuality, find courage and to always lean on the love and support of our family and friends. With a little magic and a sprinkle of self belief, you too can awaken nostalgia and create your own happily ever after.

- Disney Candle Pocahontas
- Disney Votive Candle Holder Pocahontas
- Disney Bubble Earring Frozen Pocahontas
- FREE Disney Trinket Frozen Pocahontas

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