Mon, 15 June 2020

Disney Heart Strong Tangled Rapunzel Collection Set




Curious to explore adventure beyond her safe tower, Rapunzel is pure in heart, wide eyed and never breaks a promise. Determined to see the floating lights, Rapunzel is ready to tackle any challenge, embrace life and trust in the good of people.

Trapped in a tower with nothing but walls
Rapunzel found her way out, guided by the lanterns when all light falls
If one thing is for sure, there is a world of adventure beyond confines
All we have to do is look within and let that light shine

Short Story and Disney ™ have collaborated to bring life to your favourite Heart Strong Disney characters in a collection of gifts that spark adventure, dream making and strength. Inspired by the most brave and regal, each encourage us to celebrate our individuality, find courage and to always lean on the love and support of our family and friends. With a little magic and a sprinkle of self belief, you too can awaken nostalgia and create your own happily ever after.

- Disney Candle Tangled Rapunzel
- Disney Votive Candle Holder Tangled Rapunzel
- Disney Bubble Earring Tangled Rapunzel
- FREE Disney Trinket Tangled Rapunzel

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