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Disney Cinderella Collection Set

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When we think of Cinderella we always think of that beautiful glass slipper. Her story is the true fairy tale. Stuck with two really annoying step sisters and a totally awful step mother, slaving away in a hot kitchen day in day out, its no wonder she turns to a bunch of mice for comfort and laughter. Then along comes the one thing we would all love – a fairy godmother – and suddenly a pumpkin becomes a beautiful carriage, lizards become footmen, those oh so adorable mice become handsome white horses and that tatty dress becomes a perfect princess fairytale gown. How could the prince do anything but fall in love with her, for he not only sees a beautiful person but someone with a kind heart, and finally, at last Cinderella gets her “Happily Ever After” ending.

Cindy really does have that wonderful quality of optimism. Able to overcome unhappy situations, always trying to have a bright outlook on life no matter what the circumstances, being kind and believing that good things can, and usually do, happen to genuinely nice people. With Cinderella as your role model, your story and your dreams really could come true.


- Disney Candle Cinderella
- Disney Diffuser Cinderella
- Disney Votive Candle Holder Cinderella
- Disney Bubble Earring Cinderella
FREE Disney Trinket Cinderella


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