Disney Classics Fan Ultimate Collection Pack

$550 $653.40

Disney Classics Fan Ultimate Collection Pack

$550 $653.40
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Relive your favourite coming-of-age tales with this charming Disney Classics Fan Collection Pack. Delight your home and senses as you follow the first steps of adorable Dumbo, Bambi and Marie as they embark on a journey to find friendship, joy and beauty all around.

Discover magic, awaken nostalgia and be inspired by your favourite Disney stories.

- Disney Candle Dumbo (Peanut Brittle & Vanilla)
- Disney Candle Bambi (Mandarin & Wild Basil)
- Disney Candle Marie (Strawberry & Creme Crepe)

- Disney Diffuser Dumbo (Peanut Brittle & Vanilla)
- Disney Diffuser Bambi (Mandarin & Wild Basil)
- Disney Diffuser Marie (Strawberry & Creme Crepe)

- Disney Floral Bouquet Diffuser Dumbo (Peanut Brittle & Vanilla)
- Disney Floral Bouquet Diffuser Bambi (Mandarin & Wild Basil)
- Disney Floral Bouquet Diffuser Marie (Strawberry & Creme Crepe)

- Disney Mini Glass Lantern Dumbo
- Disney Mini Glass Lantern Bambi
- Disney Mini Glass Lantern Marie

- Disney Car Air Freshener Dumbo
- Disney Car Air Freshener Bambi
- Disney Car Air Freshener Marie

- Disney Trinket Pouch Dumbo
- Disney Trinket Pouch Bambi
- Disney Trinket Pouch Marie

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